Freewrite 5: Lauren DGAF + I need to read more.


I have been doing this thing where I just talk to people I want to talk to. 

You're probably like "Uh Lauren, you would talk to a rock if it talked back...that's nothing new..." to which I would say you're right. But I mean, I have some limitations. Celebrities. Potential online friends. Boys I think are attractive. People who are good at things that I want to be good at. Etc. 

I think we all have a list of people that we are like "I am just going to admire them from afar and leave them alone and that is fine with me." That's generally a good rule, but I am in a phase of life someone recently called Lauren DGAF and it's actually kind of been awesome. 

What do I have to lose? That's the thing I am learning. Like literally what do I have to lose?

Here's what I know: I am friendly. I am mildly interesting. I am a good conversationalist. I have thoughts and opinions about stuff. So why wouldn't someone want to talk with me? What harm could reaching out and starting a conversation have? 

I realize this might be a pointless topic for those who are not as wildly extroverted as myself - but I think it's a good challenge in some capacity for everyone. I have made some great friends by simply walking up to them and saying "hi." I have gotten to connect with some people I consider celebrities (broadway stars, indie actors, writers, etc.) because I sent them a quick DM. They are people too, people!

But don't get me wrong, I also have some embarrassing stories about how they looked at me like I was a freak or how I accidentally said something really weird and they probably think I am crazy.

But the point is, just freaking reach out to people. In social media land and in the real world. Be a human that connects with other humans.


Also I have been very convicted that I don't read as much as I used to. My friend Luke is a super smart English teacher who reads all the time and he was telling me that the most annoying thing to him is when a girl he goes on a date with says "reading" is a hobby but then she cannot tell him a book she's read recently. Um. Stop shaming me, Luke. Ok, I know I have approximately one billion books in my library that I have not read. No need to remind me through your anecdotes. 

But I really do like reading. So I should do it! Does anyone have a method that they employ to read more? This girl (coincidentally that I just reached out to on Instagram because I think she's cool and I wanted to be her friend) is like the most crazy active reader and she does this challenge every year and I kind of think I want to do something like that but I don't know if it's too much. Also how about that run-on sentence guys? Yowza. 

I just realized that anyone who reads this is probably like 1. cancel Netflix 2. stop blogging about your feelings and 3. just read more. 

You're right. Rude (ish), but right. 

Ok, that's the timer.